Terms and Conditions

These Terms And Conditions govern the MFS Supply Rewards Program (the “Program”) operated by MFS Supply, LLC (“MFS Supply”, “we” or “us”) and our relationship with members of the Program (“Members” or “you”). Membership in the Program (“Membership”) is subject to these terms and conditions, which supersede any and all previous loyalty program terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to add to and/or change the Program Terms & Conditions at any time. This means, for example, that we may change the number of points earned for purchases, or the number of points required to redeem rewards, impose caps and/or fees on earning and/or redeeming points and/or cancel rewards. In addition, we reserve the right to terminate the Program with three months prior notice. During the three-month notice period, we may change or cancel some or all of the then-current rewards. Your right to earn points and redeem accumulated points will terminate three months after we give you this notice.

  1. The Program is available to any MFS Supply customer who has enrolled in the Program through the enrollment process available on www.mfssupply.com. Your MFS Supply customer identification number serves as your Program Identification Number after you have enrolled in the Program.

  2. Program Members accrue one point in their Program account for every eligible dollar of purchases made under their Program Identification Number, provided such purchases are paid on time. (*Appliance purchases do not receive points). Points accrued in your Program account for any given year will be carried forward on each enrollment date anniversary, provided all other conditions set forth herein have been met. Your Program Identification Number will automatically be used for purchases when you log in to our ecommerce website using your associated customer account, and when you identify the Program Member during phone orders. Points will be reversed for returns, adjustments, chargebacks and other sale reversals. No points are earned on sales tax, shipping or purchases made using promotional codes.

  3. Program points and your Program participation are not your property, and are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity and cannot be transferred to any other account. On termination of your Program participation for any reason, all unredeemed Program points will be forfeited and you will no longer be able to participate in the Program. Program points have no cash value and we will not pay you cash for any forfeited or unused Program points.

  4. Membership benefits and awards may be subject to income or other taxes. The recipient is responsible for paying all such taxes and for making all applicable disclosures to third parties. We will not be liable for any tax liability, duty or other charges in connection with the issuance of Membership benefits or awards.

  5. Active Members may redeem points for awards at the www.mfssupply.com Program rewards store (“Program Rewards Store”) or by calling the MFS Supply phone number listed for point redemption in the Program Rewards Store. The information posted on the Program Rewards Store will govern the redemption process. Terms and conditions applicable to rewards are set forth on the Program Rewards Store. Awards cannot be reissued if lost, stolen or destroyed.

  6. You may cancel your Membership at any time by giving written notice of cancellation to us. If you do this, all unredeemed Program points will be forfeited immediately and may not be reinstated or transferred. You will be considered an "Active Member" so long as your Membership has not been cancelled by you or terminated by us, pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not remain an Active Member, we will close your Membership account and all Program points in the account shall be forfeited without notice. If we terminate your Membership, for any reason, you may not reapply for Membership and any account opened in your name and Program points earned in that account shall be forfeited upon discovery.

    We may cancel accumulated Program points, suspend your Membership privileges or terminate your Membership at any time with immediate effect, confirmed by written notification to you if, in our sole discretion, you have (a) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws or ordinances, (b) acted in a fraudulent or abusive manner, (c) breached any of these Terms and Conditions, (d) engaged in fraud or abuse concerning Program points, award usage or Membership privileges and benefits, or (e) failed to pay any bill when due to us. Subject to applicable law, Membership will terminate automatically on your filing for bankruptcy or otherwise becoming subject to a bankruptcy proceeding.

  7. Program awards or other Membership benefits may not be sold, bartered or transferred (other than by us or our agents). Any attempted transfer, sale or barter by you or on your behalf will be void.

  8. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the program, eligibility of points for accrual, conversion of points or redemptions of rewards will be resolved by MFS Supply at its sole discretion.

  9. These Terms & Conditions are governed by and construed under the laws (excluding conflicts of law provisions) of the State of Ohio.

  10. We shall not be liable to any person for any action taken or neglected to be taken with respect to the Program, except for errors in posting Program points to Program accounts. The sole remedy available to you in connection with the Program (whether your claim is based in law or equity) shall be the crediting or re-crediting to your Program account of Program points in an amount no greater than the number of Program points at issue. In no event shall we be responsible or liable for special, consequential, extraordinary or indirect losses or damages, including any lost profits.

  11. The Program is not available and is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Version October 2010