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Not expecting! Meizhou Aoyuan Jiyi Square Brand Launching Sh

On August 10th, 2019, the Aoyuan & Jiyi Aoyuan Square series of works was held at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel - Meisheng Hall. The conference was full of enthusiasm and the atmosphere was warm and the whole Meixian New Town was held. Surging for it. The mainstream media from all walks of life in Meizhou, representatives from the industry and more than 1,500 owners, the customers have a grand celebration, and the times. Since then, Aoyuan Commercial Real Estate Group has continued its glory in Meizhou and has taken a perfect step.

The conference was held in Aoyuan Commercial Real Estate and adhered to the concept of composite real estate development and the “commercial and residential integration development strategy”. It will be the representative of the prosperous life. Under the theme of “Recreating an Aoyuan Square”, Aoyuan is in Meizhou. Start a new chapter.
At the press conference, the Aoyuan Commercial Real Estate Group Meizhou Company executives briefed the guests and customers on the major advantages of the Meizhou Aoyuan Jiyi Square and won the on-site applause. In 2014, Aoyuan officially opened up Meizhou, and has built one and another Aoyuan Square for Jiaoling, Wuhua and Taipu, leading the city to flourish. In 2019, once again, Meixian Meixian was set with ingenuity and continued to plow the world. Guest is Meizhou.

The beautiful and colorful light show on the scene, with the visual feast of international specifications, shocked people's vision, and unveiled the ultimate beauty of light and shadow, so that every guest who came to the scene experienced a different city life.
  Aoyuan Group has joined hands with the Group to strengthen the alliance, and the Yuxi County Government's key development zone, Xincheng West Area, has a forward-looking vision to create a super-occupied 280,000 m2 urban complex – Meizhou Aoyuan Jiyi Square, covering 1208 residential apartments, 300 serviced apartments, 15,000 m2 office buildings and 65,000 m2 self-sustaining shopping malls create another city benchmark in Meizhou. China Aoyuan will revolve around the Meixian people's longing for a prosperous life in the future, and re-create an Aoyuan Plaza for Meixian to create a prosperous future for Meizhou!

After the brand launch conference, Meizhou Aoyuanji Square was officially unveiled. We have witnessed the important historical moments of the Aoyuan Luozi Meixian County, and witnessed the perfect bloom of the convenience store in the complex of about 280,000 m2 shopping center! The project is now scheduled for a major upgrade, with a building area of approximately 30-153m2 school district apartment, which is available throughout the city!